Today Current Affair 21th April

Today Current Affair 21th April

quote of the day

Q Recently, Israel has signed a biggest defence deal with which of the following country?
a. India
b. Saudi Arab
c. Greek
d. Russia

Q Recently, Raul Castro was in news. He is associated with which country?
a. Russia
b. Israel
c. Panama
d. Cuba

Q Which of the following gas coming from Caribbean volcano, polluting Indian environment?
a. Nitrogen Oxide
b. Carbon Dioxide
c. Radon
d. Sulphur Dioxide

Q What is India’s rank in the recently released “World Press Freedom Index 2021”? (Out of 180)
a. 142
b. 150
c. 140
d. 156

Q Which Indian E-commerce company has acquired travel booking company Cleartrip?
a. Amazon
b. eBay
c. Ajio
d. Flipkart

Q Which institute has released a report Titled “2021 Norton Cyber- Safety Insights Reports”?
a. The World Bank
b. Norton Life Lock
c. Amnesty International
d. None of the above

Q Who of the following launched “Start Up India Seed Fund” Scheme recently?
a. Narendra Modi
b. Piyush Goyal
c. Nitin Gadkari
d. None Of the Above

Q Which institute has developed “Supplemental Oxygen Delivery System” for soldiers working on High Altitude Areas?
c. IIT Delhi
d. IIM Jodhpur

Q The Government insurance company LIC has partnered with Whom to handle e Payments?
a. Phonepay
b. Paytm
c. Google Pay
d. Amazon Pay

Q Which Indian Film has won “Best Foreign Language Feature ” at the Moscow International Film Festival 2021?
a. Puglya
b. Holara
c. Mahim
d. Minakshi

Other Information
Emilia Romagna F1 Grand Prix 2021 :- Max Verstappen (Redbull-Netherlands)

Important Days To Remember:-

19 April – World Liver Day
21 April- Civil Services Day
22 April- World Earth Day
24 April- National Panchayati Raj Day
25 April-World Malaria Day

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