Lakshya Current Affairs-Daily Current Affairs, Top 10 current affairs

Lakshya Current Affairs-Daily Current Affairs, Top 10 current affairs

1. Who among the following topped the Forbes 100 Indian celebrities List 2019?

a) Akshay Kumar

b) Salman Kumar

c) Ranvir Singh

d) Virat Kohli✔

1. (d) Virat Kohli

Indian cricket team Captain Virat Kohli topped the Forbes’ 100 Indian Celebrities list 2019. Therefore, followed by Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan at second and third place respectively.

2. Which Indian Bowler became the first to take two ODI hat-tricks?

a) Jasprit Bumrah

b) Mohammed Shami

c) Yuzvendra Chahal

d) Kuldeep Yadav✔

2. (d) Kuldeep Yadav

Indian bowler Kuldeep Yadav became the first to take two ODI hat-tricks. Hence, yadav created the record while playing India’s second ODI against West Indies in Visakhapatnam.

3. The Sahitya Akademi Award in the creative non-fiction category in English literature has been awarded to:

a) Amitav Ghosh

b) Arundhati Roy

c) Shashi Tharoor✔

d) Salman Khurshid

3. (c) Shashi Tharoor

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has ben awarded with the Sahitya Akademi Award 2019 for his novel ‘An Era of Darkness’. Tharoor won the award in the creative non-fiction category in English literature.

4. Which State recently launched the ‘Jalsathi’ programme?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Odisha✔

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Telangana

4. (b) Odisha

Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik launched the ‘Jalsathi’ programme for the supply of safe drinking water to all households. For the smooth implementation of the scheme, the Odisha government roped in women volunteers to serve as ‘Jalasathis’.

5. The Central Government extended which Scheme by two years on December 18, 2019?





5. (a) AMRUT

The Central Government has extended the deadline of AMRUT . Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation by two years. Therefore, the scheme was scheduled to be concluded in March 2020.

6. Which court will hear the petition against the police atrocities on Jamia Milia Islamia University’s students?

a) Delhi HC✔

b) Supreme Court

c) Allahabad HC

d) Kolkata HC

6. (a) Delhi HC

Delhi High Court will be hearing the plea that seeks formation of a fact-finding committee to inquire into the police atrocities on the students of Jamia Milia Islamia University.

7. Which nation’s former Prime Minister was awarded with the death penalty for unlawfully imposing emergency in 2007?

a) Pakistan ✔

b) Bangladesh

c) Afghanistan

d) Sri Lanka

7. (a) Pakistan

Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf was awarded with the death penalty for unlawfully imposing emergency in 2007 across the country. Therefore, it is a very difficult situation in the country.

8. India was placed at which Rank in the Gender Gap Index-2019?

a) 110

b) 97

c) 88

d) 112✔

8. (d) 112

Hence, India ranked at 112th position in the Gender Gap Index 2019, that was released by the World Economic Forum.

9. Pakistan has resumed the train service between which two railway stations after a gap of 22 years?

a)Wagah and Attari

b)Lahore and Wagah✔

c)Lahore and Peshawar

d)Raiwind and Gujranwala

9. (b) Lahore and Wagah

Pakistan resumed the operations of the train service between Lahore and Wagah after a gap of 22 years. Hence, this shuttle train service between Lahore and Wagah will complete three round trips daily charging Rs 30 per ride.

10. When is the Vijay Diwas observed every year in India?

a)16th December ✔

b)15th December

c)13th December

d)11th December

10. (a) 16th December

India observes the Vijay Diwas every year on December 16 to commemorate India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war. Therefore, india’s victory in the 1971 war paved the way for formation of Bangladesh.

After reading all the current affairs, now student can prepare for the same easily. But, one has to take care that what they are reading and how it could be helpful for their examinations. Firstly, try to cover all the essential topic. Secondly, write them on a paper. At last, revisie all of them thoroughly. Hence, it is a very good way to prepare for better results.

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