500 Samanya General Science Question

500 Samanya General Science Question

500 General Science Questions and Answers PDF Notes Hello guys, how are you guys? I hope all of you guys will be good and the preparation for your exams will be going well. Today we have brought your very useful and important general science quiz pdf. In this notes, “500 Samanya General Science Question” is available. In this PDF notes there are 500 Question Answers of General Science which have been asked in most competitive exams and will be asked further.

So if you are also preparing for any competitive exams, then this general science quiz pdf NOTES will be very useful for you. Because all the questions and answers in this are very useful. And in almost all the exams, some question is definitely asked. Then what is the delay, download this PDF file today.

Here I am showing you some examples of what type of question answers are available in this General Science Notes. In this, the following questions are answered.


What is the unit of work – joule
Whose Year is the Light Year – Distance
Whose unit of lumen belongs to – Jyoti Plucks
Which law of motion of Newton is possible to swim in water – Third law
For cleaning the carpet, if it is beaten with a stick, then what rule applies in it – First law of motion


Which substance is found in all the three states (solid, liquid gas) in nature? – H2O
Every substance in the world is made up of very tiny particles, who said this first? – Kanade
Who discovered alpha and vita rays – by ruther ford
The atomic number of carbon is 6 and the atom is 12. How many protons are there in its nucleus? – 6
What is the ph level of blood of a normal person – 7.35-7.45


What language word originated from the word botany – Greek
What is the free living organism that increases paddy yield in Marda – Anavina
Which plant has seed but does not have fruit – Cycus
What part of the pear is eaten – pulpy
Which lycave do people eat as a vegetable in Japan – Indocarpon

So friends, you will find many such useful questions and answers in this notes, which are very useful for you. You can easily download this PDF Notes by clicking on the download button given below.

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