Exam Preparation Tips for Class 10 by Experts

In this article, we are going to reveal some great exam preparation tips for class 10, which are shared by the experienced board teachers and some top scorers of board examination.

The board examination of class 10 is on the head. Students are a bit confused after reading such reports of a delay in exam dates or syllabus reduction. But we would like to suggest that you do not depend on further reports, start preparing for the whole syllabus. However, the board also has all those fake reports and suggested students to prepare for the entire syllabus. Although, this year’s examination is going to be very tough, as due to Covid-19, all the schools were shut down.

We knew very well that the students appearing for 10th class exams would be under tremendous stress and pressure for how to perform well.

  • The right time to study

However, the right time has arrived, as the students don’t have too much time now. But in terms of exam preparation, the right time refers to a particular time of period, during which one studies well without any disturbance. In our opinion, the early morning time is great for revision. We knew that each student has different learning capabilities, but at least two hours of revision is a must on a daily basis.

  • Timetable

Once you have got the right time to study, now is the time to prepare a routine or timetable. The timetable terms refer to a specific time decided by the student to dedicate each topic. However, one has to prepare mainly for languages, maths, science, and social studies. Languages are easy to learn as compared with other subjects. But still, you have to practice for better writing skills of essay, letters or grammar.

Furthermore, other major subjects demand at least one hour daily for revision. Therefore, it is really essential to make a proper timetable to study each subject separately.

  • Study Habits for exam preparation tips for class 10

However, the covid-19 has disturbed the discipline and punctuality. But now the time has arrived to adopt essential study habits. As the best exam preparation tips for class 10, discipline and punctuality are the first priority. Once you have prepared the schedule chart, you have to be disciplined and punctual for the timetable until exams are over. No doubt, good study habits are the top-secret of top scorers.

  • Strategy

Whether it is study or business, we can’t achieve our targets without a proper and well-planned strategy. Thus, the class 10 students also have to prepare some great strategies to learn different chapters and question-answer varieties. The most panic situation appears when a student has to learn long answers. One could break the long answers into possible parts and write them onto a paper. Furthermore, if you are studying social studies, then try to realize the topics in real life. It could help you to retain them in your brain for a long time.

Solve Previous year questions or sample papers

Solving previous year question papers is one of the great ideas to understand the pattern of examination. However, one can also get an idea about important questions. Hence, we do not support the myth that preparing for only important exams is better as the entire syllabus is important to prepare for upcoming exams. Taking help from sample papers or previous year question papers is only good to get an idea about marks pattern.

Exam Preparation Tips for Class 10

Board exams are the most important stage of academic life as it directly affects your future career. We know no one can afford to take board exams easily. We would still like to recommend that we follow our exam preparation tips for class 10 to score optimum marks. I wish you all very good luck for your upcoming class 10 exams.

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