Excellent Exam Preparation Tips for Class 9

However, class 9 exams are not a board exam also, but it didn’t mean you could take it easy as it is one of the important stages where you can develop a strong base for higher class chapters. Here are the brilliant exam preparation tips for class 9. According to us, students have to imagine that they have got two years for the higher class board examination.



Your 9th class result will show your preparation for next year’s board exams. Furthermore, chapters’ basic knowledge is also important to crack some competitive exams such as NTSE and Olympiads. You have to prepare for several subjects during your ninth standard, including different languages, maths, science, and social studies.

The essential thing is that you have to start exam preparation from the first day of class 9. In simple words, you have to prepare a schedule to cover all the syllabus asap so that you have enough time to revise it multiple times.

Exam Preparation Tips for Class 9

  • Timetable 

As we have mentioned earlier, exam preparation doesn’t mean revising the whole syllabus when you get a date sheet in your hand as it starts from the same day of admission. Students have to prepare a proper timetable to give a particular time period to each subject.

A maximum of six hours of study is required for the students who are appearing for the class 9 exam. However, full dedication to study is also essential. In these six hours, you can complete your homework within one or two hours, and after that, you have enough time for revision. Let us help you more to prepare a better study schedule.

  • Languages

Language subjects like English, Hindi, Sanskrit, or the local language are comparatively easier than other subjects. Therefore, one can study languages for an hour, or it is also good to give two or three hours for language study on alternate days.

  • Maths & exam preparation tips for class 9

One of the toughest subjects for class 9 students. But if you study maths with full dedication, then you may find it interesting enough. Try to memorize the different formulas, and practice the solutions as many times as possible. Practice can make you perfect; this popular saying totally fits your maths subject. As it is the main subject, you have to give one hour to it daily.

  • Science

Your science study is divided into three parts. Thus you have to prepare a perfect schedule for biology, physics, and chemistry individually. You have two ways to cover all three of these parts of science. First, you can dedicate half an hour for each part, which means one and a half hours daily for science study. Secondly, you can decide days, as you could study one full hour for one part. According to us, giving one hour to each part daily is one of the better exam preparation tips for class 9.

  • Social Studies & exam preparation tips for class 9

The different parts of social studies, including geography, history, economics, and civics, should be studied like a story. In history, you have to remember important dates and leaders. Map marking practice will help you to understand geography easily. Understanding the different statistics to prepare well for economics and civics will help you to know your rights as a citizen. However, class 9 hasn’t multiple chapters for each part. You can revise the daily one hour of what you have studied in school on the same day. It is enough for social studies exam preparations.

Final Thoughts

We hope our best exam preparation tips for class 9 will help you score better and build a strong base for higher class subjects. However, only studying can maximize your capturing ability, so it is also important to play games as well on a regular basis. It will help you to reduce the stress level. Apart from this, short breaks are good while studying for long hours.

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