Free GMAT preparation materials and sample questions

Hey there! good question…

Here’s a short but hopefully fruitful list:

  • The OG 13th edition is available online
  • You can find the Aristotle SC Grail
  • The Magoosh Idiom e-book can be found
  • GMAT Club has some great question banks:
    • This page has links to many question banks, among them 700–800 level problems and solutions, a file with 1000 problems, and another one, and a Free Test bank (to download you’ll have to register to the site).
  • examPAL has a lot of free material – lessons, practice questions and explanations. They also have a book, partially written by yours truly and costing 1$, about sentence correction basics.
  • A whole lot of free GMAT material someone uploaded

Important Note: some of the items listed may be under copyright infringement and thus I don’t actually recommend downloading. Here are links where you can purchase them:

  • OG 13th edition
  • Aristotle SC Grail
  • Magoosh Idiom e-book

That’s my answer in a nutshell, but I’d be happy to go further into it with you and answer any follow-up questions you may have. Talk to me here (in the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner). Waiting to hear from you!



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