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Wren and Martin Book Pdf download-  Hi everybody, in this article we will examine wren martin book pdf the most well-known book i.e wren and martin English Language Grammar pdf. As we as a whole have heard and some of them likewise have perused this book in their secondary school. Indeed, this is a High school English grammar and composition book and one of the best English grammar books for high school students.


This wren and martin pdf book gives plentiful direction and practice in sentence building, right utilization, comprehension, written composition, and other allied areas in order to furnish the student with the capacity to impart adequately in English.

The wren and martin English grammar book pdf is considered as probably the best book for the strong base and foundation of English sentence structure. Hopefuls, likewise utilize this book for competitive test planning to assemble a strong base in English grammar.

The book is reconsidered and refreshed in this manner to serve the quality content based upon the demand of a variety of different Govt Exam tests.

Wren and Martin English grammar books are effectively accessible in nearby markets too applicants can likewise buy from the Online Platform. It is prudent to purchase a printed version of the wren and Martin book for that load of hopefuls, who are intrigued to understand the wren and Martin book. The book pdf is best for the fast perspective on the book not happy for a full investigation.

Wren and Martin English grammar pdf

About wren and martin English grammar pdf

  • Book Name –Wren and martin English grammar pdf
  • Author Name- Wren and Martin
  • Format- PDF
  • Size- 175 MB
  • Pages- 939 (English)
  • Language- English
  • Publication- S.chand

Content of Wren and Martin book Pdf

Book I. Grammar

  1. The Sentence
  2. Subject And Predicate
  3. The Phrase And The Clause
  4. Parts Of Speech
  5. The Noun: Kinds Of Nouns
  6. The Noun: Gender
  7. The Noun: Number
  8. The Noun: Case
  9. The Adjective
  10. Comparison Of Adjectives
  11. Adjectives Used As Nouns
  12. Position Of The Adjectives
  13. The Correct Use Of Some Adjectives
  14. Articles
  15. Personal Pronouns
  16. Reflexive And Emphatic Pronouns
  17. Demonstrative, Indefinite, And Distributive Pronouns
  18. Relative Pronouns
  19. Interrogative Pronouns
  20. The Verb
  21. Verbs Of Incomplete Predication
  22. Active And Passive Voice
  23. Mood
  24. Tenses: Introduction
  25. The Uses Of The Present And Past Tenses
  26. The Future
  27. The Verb: Person And Number
  28. The Infinitive
  29. The Participle
  30. The Gerund
  31. Irregular Verbs
  32. Auxiliaries And Modals
  33. Conjugation Of The Verb Love
  34. The Adverb
  35. Comparison Of Adverbs
  36. Formation Of Adverbs
  37. Position Of Adverbs
  38. The Preposition
  39. Words Followed By Prepositions
  40. The Conjunction
  41. Some Conjunctions And Their Uses
  42. The Interjection
  43. The Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech

Book II. Composition
Part I: Analysis, Transformation, and Synthesis

  1. Analysis Of Simple Sentences
  2. Phrases
  3. Clauses
  4. Sentences: Simple, Compound, And Complex
  5. More About Noun Clauses
  6. More About Adjective Clauses
  7. More About Adverb Clauses
  8. Analysis Of Complex Sentences (Clause Analysis)
  9. Analysis Of Compound Sentences (Clause Analysis)
  10. Transformation Of Sentences
  11. Transformation Of Sentences (Contd.)
  12. Synthesis Of Sentences
  13. Synthesis Of Sentences (Contd.)
  14. Synthesis Of Sentences (Contd.)
  15. The Sequence Of Tenses
  16. Direct And Indirect Speech

Part II: Correct usage

  1. Agreement Of The Verb With The Subject
  2. Nouns And Pronouns
  3. Adjectives
  4. Verbs
  5. Adverbs
  6. Conjunctions
  7. Order Of Words
  8. Idioms
  9. Idioms
  10. Punctuation
  11. Spelling Rules
  12. The Formation Of Words
  13. Figures Of Speech

Part III: Structures

  1. Verb Patterns
  2. Question Tags, Short Answers, Etc.
  3. More Structures

Part IV: Written Composition

  1. Paragraph-writing
  2. Story-writing
  3. Reproduction Of A Story-poem
  4. Letter-writing
  5. Comprehension
  6. Precis-writing
  7. Expansion Of Passages
  8. Essay-writing
  9. Autobiographies
  10. Dialogue-writing
  11. The Appreciation Of Poetry
  12. Paraphrasing


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Wren and martin’s English grammar book covers the whole prospectus of grammar in an extremely far-reaching way and it additionally contains exercise and practices Questions to boost the preparations.

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It is outfitted with the great substance that is introduced in an exceptionally clear and simple to get a handle on the language.

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