How should I cover whole syllabus of upsc?

UPSC has given a detailed syllabus in its notification. Syllabus of prelims, mains is given. Particularly syllabus of GS and OPTIONAL is given explicitly. To cover such a vast syllabus one needs a guided approach, detailed strategy, and very specific sources. I will share my experience for this-

  1. KNOW YOUR SYLLABUS- The first step is knowing the syllabus entirely. The syllabus should be with you the entire time of preparation so that you will remain focused on that.
  2. CHOOSE SPECIFIC AND PARTICULAR SOURCES- it will help you to cover the syllabus in minimum time. As sources will be short and crisp reading and remembering won’t be a problem.
  3. REMAIN CONFINE: I used to read only things related to the syllabus. Doing something extra was my 2nd priority.
  4. MAKE OWN NOTES- particularly for optional, making your own notes will help you to cover every point of the syllabus. It will help you to revise multiple times.
  5. GO UNCONVENTIONAL- to cover the syllabus you have to do some smart work. For papers like gs4, I used to read model answers of test series of all classes. They used to put 1 or 2 questions on every topic of the syllabus. This is applicable to all papers.
  6. GIVE PRIORITY- important things should be covered first. Some points of less priority can be covered later. Such priority should be there always in your preparation.

The entire limitation here is of time. So always do things according to how much time you have. On the first attempt there is very less time, then unconventional things you have to do. In your later attempts, you can make your holistic notes

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