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Interview Question For BCA

  • Question: Differentiate between Publish subscribe model and P2P model?
  • Question: Why we use Stream Message?
  • Question: Tell me the advantage of using Entity bean for data base operations.
  • Question: What would be happen if REMOVE [ ] is never invoked on a session bean?
  • Question: Describe the directory structure of web application?
  • Question: What are the common mechanisms used for session tracking?
  • Question: Explain html?
  • Question: What is the vector class?
  • Question: Why we use of hash table?
  • Question: What are the use of meta tags?
  • Question: What do you mean by Doc. type for HTML?
  • Question: How many parts are present in “HTML” documents?
  • Question: Differentiate between DIV and SPAN
  • Question: Describe HTML elements with examples?
  • Question: How do we write headings in HTML?
  • Question: How background colour or text get change in HTML?
  • Question: What is the BODY in the HTML file?
  • Question: How to do changes in headings and text size in HTML?
  • Question: How Java Object message deliverd to non-java client
  • Question: Tell me types of messaging?
  • Question: Explain Asychronous Messaging?
  • Question: What do you mean by Synchronous message?
  • Question: Describe JMS?
  • Question: What are the advantages of JMS?

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