Nitin Singhania art and culture Book

Nitin Singhania art and culture Book

Nitin Singhania art and culture pdf– In this article, we will discuss one of the most popular books for the aspirants who are preparing for civil service examination i.e Nitin Singhania Indian art and culture book pdf.

Indian art and culture is a very popular topic for UPSC preliminary and mains examination. Aspirants, who are appearing in civil service examination, this Nitin Singhania art and culture pdf book is very helpful to prepare Indian art and culture section. This book includes comprehensive and latest information with concepts to understand the topic deeply.

Nitin singhania art and culture Book

Nitin Singhania art and culture pdf

In the second edition of Nitin Singhania art and culture pdf, there are two new chapters added which are coins in ancient and medieval India and Indian culture abroad and an appendix of recent geographical indications in India added.

In the third edition of the book, there are also new chapters added which are- India through the eyes of foreign travelers and Buddhism and Jainism.

The latest edition of this book is designed to keep in mind the latest changing trend of questions asked by the upsc in the civil services examinations and state-level examinations in 2016 and 2017.

Here, we are providing you the latest edition of this book. A candidate who is preparing for civil service examination and wants to prepare for Indian art and culture section for hard copy, this pdf is for demo purpose only buy a hard copy of this book, it is easily available in local bookshops or you can also buy from online platform easily.

About Nitin Singhania art and culture Book

  • Book Name – Indian art and culture by Nitin Singhania.
  • Author Name- Nitin Singhania
  • Format- PDF
  • Size- 23 MB
  • Pages- 923 (English)
  • Language- English
  • Publication- McGraw Hill Publication

Contents of Nitin Singhania art & culture Book


Chapter 1 Indian Architecture, Sculpture and Pottery
Chapter 2 Indian Paintings
Chapter-3 Indian Handicrafts
Chapter-4 UNESCO’S List of Tangible Heritage Sites in India


Chapter-5 Indian Music
Chapter-6 Indian Dance Forms
Chapter-7 Indian Theater
Chapter-8 Indian Puppetry
Chapter-9 Indian Circus
Chapter-10 UNESCO’S List of Intangible Cultural Heritage


Chapter-11 Languages In India
Chapter-12 Religions In India
Chapter-13 Indian Literature
Chapter-14 Schools of Philosophy
Chapter-15 Indian Cinema
Chapter-16 Science and Technology Through the Ages
Chapter-17 Calendars In India
Chapter-18 Fairs and Festivals of India
Chapter-19 Awards and Honours
Chapter-20 Law and Culture
Chapter-21 Martial Art in India
Chapter-22 Cultural Institutions in India
Chapter-23 Coins in Ancient and Medieval India
Chapter-24 Indian Culture Abroad


Appendix-1 Delhi – A City of Seven Sisters
Appendix-2 Bhakti and Sufi Movement
Appendix-3 Famous Personalities of India
Appendix-4 Places of Cultural Interest
Appendix-5 Recent Geographical Indications

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