SSC Tier 2 –  Tricks, Tips & Question Paper with Answer Key  

If you have successfully cleared the Tier-1 exam, then now it’s time to prepare for SSC Tier 2. The questions will be a little difficult and in-depth. One has to take care of a lot of things and prepare wisely for the test. Here is the brief detail about the exam and question papers, and answer key.

SSC Tier 2

1. Quantitative ability

In this, mathematical details are tested of the candidate. One has to learn about algebraic identities, angles and charts. Here are the main topics that one has to cover for exams:

  • Whole numbers, percentage, and interest
  • Profit & loss, time & works, and discount
  • Triangle, quadrilaterals
  • circle, trigonometry
  • Average, business success and many more

Below given are the answer key and some relevant questions in the below-given link.

Click below Download Question Paper with Answer Key

2. English Language & Comprehension

Here one has to do a deep analysis of language and comprehension passages. It is necessary to study well and get deep knowledge about grammatical errors, verbal and spoken English. Some of the essential points are:

  • Editing, omission, and blanks
  • Synonyms, antonyms
  • Idioms, phrases, and word mistakes
  • Jumbled sentences, active-passive voice

Test your skills and enhance them through below given mock test.

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3. Statistics

Knowledge of classification and statical data is necessary before you sit for a government exam. Here are some statistical topics that one has to go through for SSC CGL Tier 2.

  • Central tendency and dispersion
  • Probability, theory, and variance
  • Time analysis, numbers
  • Correction and kurtosis

Download the questions and answer key to prepare and learn some basics before sitting for the final exam.

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4. Finance and Accounts

Last but not least, knowledge of basic calculation and accounts is necessary to maintain data at higher positions. Therefore, here are some essential topics that one could cover are:

  • Fundamental principles of accounting
  • Demand and supply analysis
  • Production cost and selling cost
  • Market determination in different markets
  • Economic condition and enhancing it
  • Basics of banking and money transferring

Practice some question from the given mock test through the link.

Click below Download Question Paper with Answer Key

Prepare for Tier 2

So, one can prepare for the SSC tier 2 exam when there is still time. You can easily attempt the above given mock test/question papers and then check the answers through provided answer key on It will be an easy and efficient step to go ahead.

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