The Hindu VOCABULARY 19 April

Motivational Quote of the Day

“Life will only change when you
become more committed to your
than you are to your comfort zone.”


Today Top 10 Words

1. exodus: a mass departure of people.
2. havoc: नाश: wide and general destruction
3. exhorting: strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something.
4. crippled: severely damaged or malfunctioning.
5. wrought: made or fashioned in the specified way.
6. paltry:  (of an amount) very small or meagre.
7. pre-emptive: taken as a measure against something possible, anticipated, or feared; preventive; deterrent.
8. apprehend: पकड़ना: to catch and arrest someone
9. prognosis: the likely course of a medical condition.
10. hit hard: to be affected badly

Match The Column A with Column B

1. indomitable: | openly resist or refuse to obey.
2. a rap on the knuckles: | retreat from an area.
3. pull back: | a long distance.
4. far cry : | impossible to subdue or defeat
5. defying: | criticism or punishment

Q. Descriptive Question: The IMD must continue to widen its focus to aid business and services sectors Write your opinion. (Word limit:200)

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