The Hindu Vocabulary 26th April

Motivational Quote of the Day

“Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It
changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that
when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it
also makes those around me better.”


Today Top 10 Words

1.  Hovering:  remain in one place in the air.
2. Sledgehammer:  powerful; forceful.
3. Hot potato : a situation or subject that people disagree strongly about and that no one wants to deal with
4. Intervening:  extending or occurring between events.
5. Ramp up: increase the level or amount of something sharply.
6. On a war footing : the condition of being prepared to undertake or maintain war.
7. Once bitten and twice shy: an unpleasant experience induces caution.
8. Abdication: an act of abdicating or renouncing the throne.
9. Awe : an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc
10. at the heart of : be the most important part of something.

Having a mission Vision of the mission Vision goals→ Objective of the goal Listing of the objective
And complete it (On Daily Basis)

Match The Column A with Column B

1. conflagration: | progressing in a hesitant or irregular way.
2. devastating: | a fierce or destructive attack.
3. recurring: | causing great damage or harm
4. onslaught : | an extensive fire which destroys a great deal of land or property.
5. stuttering: | occurring again periodically or repeatedly.


Q1. Scott free
(a) Free from any worldly affairs
(b) Something or someone is free from penalty or
(c) To put limits to something
(d) An excessive degree of something

Q2. Omen
(a) An event regarded as portent of good or evil.
(b) A group of religious people
(c) An event of disaster
(d) A fight for victory

Q3. Stubborn
(a) To do something at ease
(b) Restless
(c) Not to change someone’s position or attitude on
(d) Difficulties to find

Q4. Inevitable
(a) Welcomed
(b) Anticipated
(c) Incomplete
(d) Unavoidable

Q5. Ebbed
(a) Gradually decrease of an emotion or quality
(b) Decide to do something difficult
(c) Postpone something
(d) Something untouched and fresh

Q. Descriptive Question: Lockdowns can be used as a smart instrument that saves lives without killing livelihoods
Write your opinion. (Word limit:200)

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