UPSC main exams in January 2021

UPSC main exams

The Union Public Service Commission, which is also known as UPSC, conducted all service exams and is also responsible (UPSC main exams ) for all the appointments of all Indian services.

India’s central agency conducted all the civil service and all other exams in India. These government exams include Indian Administrative Exam (IAE), Indian Revenue Service (IRP) and Indian Police Service (IPS), etc. The main UPSC exams would be held in January 2021.

Eligibility for UPSC exams:

The candidates want to attempt the UPSC exam must be graduate and degree holder. Foreign degree holders Indian students have to ensure that their degree is authorized by University Grant Commission (UGC). The minimum age requirement for the UPSC exam is 21 years, but the maximum age varies. Students who belong to the non-velvety layer have an age limit of 33 years. Students with SC classification and ST class have not accomplished from the age of 35 years.


UPSC allows the general category candidates to attempt the UPSC exam six (6) times until 32. OBC candidates can attempt the exam nine (9) times till the age of 35, and SC ST candidates are allowed unlimited attempts until 37.

Steps of Union Public Service Commission exam:

The UPSC exams process is completed in three steps.

  • Preliminary exam.
  • Main exam.
  • Interview or personality test.

Preliminary exam:

The preliminary exam is usually held in May. It is an objective base exam with negative marking on every wring answer. Paper I and II both are of two hours and two hundred marks. Paper I is of general studies while II is of CSAT.

Applying for the main exam:

Those candidates who have successfully cleared the preliminary exam could apply for the main exam. The successful candidates have to fill a detailed application form on the official website of UPSC. The detailed application form has six main sections.

  • Personal information
  • Educational information
  • Parental information
  • Employment information
  • Upload documents
  • Final submission

No changes are allowed after the submission of the information. Candidates must be careful and extra attentive while filling and submitting the form and cross-check the information before submitting the form.

Main exam:

The main exam is the second step of the UPSC exam. Those candidates who have passed the preliminary exam with 33% qualify for the main exam.

The main exam is a subjective exam that comprises nine papers of two thousand marks. The marks distribution of the main exam is: two papers of general studies which carry three hundred (300) marks each and has three hours to solve it. Same marks and time for the first optional subject paper I and II. For the second optional subject, along with papers I and II of three hundred marks and three hours, the candidate also has to write an essay of two hundred (200) marks in three hours. There are also three hundred marks for both the English and Indian language exams.

Usually, the paper I is taken in the morning and II in the afternoon of the same day.

Interview or personality test:

The candidates who have already cleared the main exam are then called for an interview two weeks later after the results’ announcement. This interview process usually takes place in March or April and takes around forty days.

Preparing for UPSC exams:

UPSC exam allowed you to make your career in Indian Police Service (IPS), India Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS), an Indian Revenue Service (IRS). The UPSC exam competition is very tough as there are thousands and thousands of candidates for a few hundred seats. Only good preparation could save you. While preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam, you must keep in mind and follow them.

UPSC syllabus:

UPSC syllabus is available on the official website. Go through the syllabus, note it down, and start your preparation according to the syllabus. Cover the whole syllabus and thoroughly go through every topic mention in the syllabus.

Time of preparation:

Another decision that matters a lot while giving the UPSC exam is deciding the right time to begin your preparation. Some people start preparing for the high school exam, while some start preparing a few months before the exam. But the most suitable time for starting preparation is during the last years of your graduation so that you can attempt the exam just after your graduation. And get the maximum chances.

Current affairs:

Keep an eagle eye on the current affairs of your country as well as globally. Read about it, listen to it, and discuss it. Your general knowledge and knowledge about what is happening in the world, what are main global issues would help you a lot in UPSC exams. Develop the habit of reading daily newspapers and magazines.

Selecting optimal subjects:

The candidates attempting the main exam have almost 27 choices for selecting their optional subjects for two optimal papers. So make a smart and careful choice. The optional subject’s difficulty level is Honor’s level, which is higher than Bachelors and below than Master’s. Selecting those optimal subjects that are already part of general papers in the main exam would surely help you score higher marks.

Keep writing:

Keep writing as writing as your writing speed matters a lot in main exams because you have to write a lot in less time. You can easily manage your time if you have good writing speed. And if you keep on practicing writing, it would also help you in the essay as well. The essay is an important part of the exam and also has a big chunk of marks.

Practice previous parts:

While preparing for the UPSC exam, also take help from the previous exam papers. It would hello in setting your strategy and direction. You would learn the pattern and important things of the paper.

Multiple revision:

Always remember practice makes a man perfect. So do a lot of practice and revise again and again. Practicing a lot would help you with remembering things.


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