What are some full forms that everyone should know?

What are some full forms that everyone should know?



  1. AUDI- Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt  (Vehicle Industry)
  2. BMW- Baverian Motor Works (Vehicle Industry)
  3. AMW- Asian Motor Works (Vehicle Industry)
  4. CNN-IBN- Cable News Network-Indian Broadcasting Network. (Media Network)
  5. VVS Laxman- Vengipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman (Cricketer)
  6. APJ Abdul Kalam-  Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (11th President of India)
  7. MDH(Massala) – Mahashian Di Hatti (Spices Company)
  8. ISKCON- International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Religious Assoiation)
  9. LASER- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. (Physics)
  10. i.e- id est (that is) (General English)
  11. INTEL- Integrated Electronics (Electronics Industry)
  12. CMYK- Cyan Magenta Yellow Kinda (Black) (Color)
  13. JPEG- Joint Photography Expert Group (Image File Format)
  14. EMI- Equated Monthly Instalments (Banking)
  15. WIPRO- Western Indian Products (Indian Software Industry)
  16. DNA- Deoxy-ribo Nucleic Acid (Biology)
  17. CBI- Central Bureau of Investigation (Crime Investigation)
  18. CAT- Common Admissiom Test (MBA Admission Examination)
  19. ATM- Automated Teller Machine (Banking)
  20. ISI- Indian Standard Institute (Quality Assuarance Standard)
  21. IPI- International Press Institute (Media)
  22. AT&T- American Telegraphic and Telephone Co. Ltd. (Telecommunication)
  23. ICICI- Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (Bank)
  24. IDBI- Industrial Development Bank of India (Bank)
  25. FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation (Crime Investigation)
  26. HDFC- Housing Development Finance Corporation (Bank)
  27. VIRUS- Vital Information Resources Under Siege (Computer)
  28. OBC- Other Backward Classes
  29. MPEG- Motion Picture Experts Groups (Video File Format)
  30. NAAC- National Assesment and Accreditation (Academics Insitution Assessment Standard)
  31. PSLV- Polar Satelite Launch Vehicle (Space Research)
  32. RADAR- Radio Detecting and Ranging (Military)
  33. RDX- Research Department Explosive (Explosive)
  34. MRF- Madras Rubber Factory (Tyre Company)
  35. LML- Lohia Machines Limited (Two Wheeler Company)
  36. STD- Subscriber Trunk Dialling (Telecommunication Term)
  37. TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language (English Accreditation Test)
  38. SENSEX- Sensitivity Index(of shareprice) (Commerce)
  39. URL- Uniform Resource Locator (Computer)
  40. TVS- T.V Sundaram(Co-Founder) (Vehicle Company)
  41. BBC-British Broadcasting Corporation (Media Company)

1.) Institutes:

IIT Indian Institutes of Technology

IIIT Indian Institute of Information Technology

BITS Birla Institute of Technology and Science

NIT National Institutes of Technology

AIIMS All India Institute of Medical Sciences

IISC Indian Institute of Science

IIM Indian Institutes of Management

IGNOU Indira Gandhi National Open University

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

UC University of California

2.) Statutory Body & Organisations:

ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation

DRDO Defence Research and Development Organisation

CBI Central Bureau of Investigation

AAI Airports Authority of India

CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education

BARC Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

ONGC Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

UPSC Union Public Service Commission

AICTE All India Council for Technical Education

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

UN United Nations

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

3.) Everyday terms:

LPG Liquefied petroleum gas

PAN Permanent account number

SIM – Subscriber Identity Module

UIDAI Unique Identification Authority of India

PDF Portable Document Format

Internet International Network

TRP Television Rating Point

QR Code Quick Response Code

DSLR Digital Single Lens Reflex

RO Reverse Osmosis

PNR Passenger Name Reference

DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

RTI Right to Information

etc et cetera

i.e. Id Est (that is)

AKA Also Known As

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

DDT Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane

P.S. Post Script in English (In Latin: Post Scriptum)

SMS – Short Message Service

DIY Do it Yourself

IQ Intelligence Quotient

DOB Date of Birth

NRI Non Resident Indian

4.) Famous Personalities of India:

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

V. V. S. Laxman Vangipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman

P. T. Usha Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha

B. R. Ambedkar Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

A.R. Rahman Allah-Rakha Rahman

J. R. D. Tata Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata

M. F. Husain Maqbool Fida Husain

N. R. Narayana Murthy Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy

D. H. Ambani Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani ( Dhirubhai Ambani )

5.) Banks:

HDFC Housing Development Finance Corporation

ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

SBI State Bank of India

PNB Punjab National Bank

IDBI Industrial Development Bank of India

6.) Exams:

GRE Graduate Record Examinations

GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test

TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language

GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

CAT Common Admission Test

CSE Civil Services Examination

7.) Time Zone:

IST India Standard Time

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

AM / PM Anno Meridian / Post Meridian

AD / BC Anno Domini / Before Christ

CE / BCE Common Era / Before Common Era


SENSEX Sensitive Index

NSE National Stock Exchange

FOREX Foreign Exchange

R & D Research and Development

IPO Initial Public Offering

B2B Business to Business

B2C Business to Consumer

CTC Cost To Company

CEO Chief Executive Officer

CFO Chief Financial Officer

ATM Automated Teller Machine

EMI Equated Monthly Installments

9.) Technical:

Wi-fi Wireless Fidelity

Modem Modulator-Demodulator

CC / BCC Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy

IP Internet Protocol

TCP Transmission Control Protocol

VPN Virtual Private Network

ISP Internet Service Provider

HTML HyperText Mark-up Language

PC Personal Computer

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group

GIF Graphics Interchange Format

LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

URL Uniform Resource Locator

LCD Liquid Crystal Display

CRT Cathode Ray Tube

RADAR RAdio Detection And Ranging

INTEL Integrated Electronics

HCL Hindustan Computers Limited

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

CPU Central Processing Unit

RAM Random Access Memory

USB Universal Serial Bus

10.) Mobile Terms:

GPS Global Positioning System

GPRS General Packet Radio Service

VOLTE Voice over Long-Term Evolution

GSM Global System for Mobile Communications

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access

STD Subscriber Trunk Dialling

ISD International Subscriber Dialling

SMS Short Message Service

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

11.) Famous Companies:

AMUL Anand Milk Union Limited

MRF Madras Rubber Factory

LG Lucky Goldstar

BMW Baverian Motor Works

FIAT Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino

ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks

PVR Priya Village RoadShow

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

WIPRO Western India Products

CNN Cable News Network

Below are the full form of few words that we use frequently in our daily life.

  1. OK – Oll Korrect.(jokey misspelling of “All Correct”)
  2. PIN – Personal Identification Number.
  3. DDT – Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane
  4. DNA – Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid.
  5. PTO – Please Turn Over.
  6. P.S. – Post Scriptum.
  7. AM/PM – Anno Meridian/Post Meridian.
  8. ATM – Automated Teller Machine.
  9. MODEM – Modulator Demodulator.
  10. BPO – Business Process Outsourcing.
  11. DSLR – Digital Single Lens Reflex.
  12. NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer.
  13. CTC – Cost To Company.
  14. PAN – Permanent Account Number.
  15. SENSEX – Sensitive Index.
  16. PDF – Portable Document Format.
  17. USB – Universal Serial Bus.
  18. WiFi – Wireless Fidelity.
  19. SIM – Subscriber Identity Module.
  20. IAS – Indian Administrative Service.
  21. PNR – Passenger Name Reference.
  22. SMS – Short Message Service.
  23. VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Seize.

Web Browsers Full Forms

GOOGLE – globel organization of oriented group language of earth

YAHOO – yet another hierarchical officious oracale

WINDOW – Wide interactive network develpment for office work sollution

COMPUTER – Communication oriented machine purposely utilized technical educational research a scholarly articale

VIRUS – virtually infected reputed utilized software

UMTS – universal mobile telecommunicati­on system

AMOLED – active matrix organic emitting diode

OLED – organic lite emitting diode

IMEI – international mobile equipment identy

ESN – electronic serial number

UPS – uninterupitible­ power supply

HDMI – high defenation multimedia interface

VPN – virchual private network

APN – access point name

SIM – subsucriber identy module

LED – lite emitting diode

DLNA – digitel line network access

RAM – random access memory

ROM – read only memory

VGA – video graphic array

QVGA – quarter video graphic array

WVGA – wide video graphic array

WXGA – wide extended graphic array

USB – universal service bus

WLAN – wireless local area network

PPI – pixel per inch

LCD – liquid crystel display

HSDPA – high speed downlink packet access

HSUPA – high speed upload packet access

HSPA – high speed packet access

GPRS – general packet radio service

EDGE – enhancement datarate for globel evolution

NFC – near field communication

OTG – on-the-go

S-LCD – super clear liquid display

OS – oprating system

SNS – socail networking sites


POI – point of interest

GPS – globel position system

DVD – digitel video disc

DTP – desk top publishing

DNSE – digitel natural sound engine

OVI – ohio video inrranet

CDMA – code division multiple access

WCDMA – wide-band code division multiple access

GSM – globel system for mobile communication

WI-FI – wireless fidelity

DIVX – digitel internet video access

APK – authenticated public key

J2ME – java 2 micro edition

SIS – symbian installation source

DELL – digitel electronic link library

ACER – acquisition collabration experimantion reflaction

RSS – really simple syndication

TFT – thin film transister

AMR – adapative multi rate

MPEG – moving pictures experts group

IVRS – interactive voice response system

HP – hewlett-packard

Bank Full Forms

HDFC–Housing Development Finance Corporation

ONGC–Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

HSBC–Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation

IBP–Indian British Petroleum

IFFCO–Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative

UNICEF–United Nations Children’s Fund

CRY–Child Relief & You

IDBI–Industrial Development Bank of India

BARC–Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

MBBS–Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery

PhD–Doctor of Philosophy

I.Q–Intelligence Quotient

A.M–Anti Meridian

P.M–Post Meridian

e.g–Exempli Gratia.

i.e–Id Est (That is to say)

SMS–Short Messaging Service

ETC–Et cetera (Used to mention the continuation of a specific list)

G.I.JOE-Doctor of Medicine

PhD–Doctor of Philosophy

TTE–Traveling Ticket and Examiner

FIAT ( AUTOMOBILE COMPANY)–Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino


GPS–Global Positioning System

JBL–James Bullough Lansing (Founder)

SIM CARD–Subscriber Identity Module

SOS–Save Our Souls

ATKT (Exams)–Allowed To Keep Terms

VFX–Visual Effects

TRP–Television Rating Point

GQ MAGAZINE–Gentlemen Quarterly

AUDI–Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt

SIM–Subscriber Identity Module (SIM card)

PNR–Passanger Name Record

QR Code–Quick Response Code

GPRS–General Packet Radio Service

BMW–Bavarian Motor Works

ATM–Automated Teller Machine

AIDS–Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

ASCII–American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ERP–Enterprise Resource Planning

BPO–Business Process Output

BPL–British Physical Laboratories

LASER–Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

RADAR–Radio Detection and Ranging


NASA–National Aeronautics and Space Agency

SIM–Subscriber’s Identification Module

STD–Subscriber Trunk Dialling

ISD–International Subscriber Dialling

PCO–Public Call Office

DHL–Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn

SAARC–South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

URL–Uniform Resource Locator

HTTPS–Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

USB–Universal Serial Bus

CBSE–Central Board of Secondary Education

USP–Unique Selling Proposal

FAX–Far Away Xerox, FAX is the shortened form for ‘facsimile’

FICCI–Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry

GMT–Greenwich Mean Time

PDF–Portable Document Format

PNR–Passenger Name Record

PING–Packet Internet Groper

PVR–Priya Village Roadshow

NEWS–North,East,West, South

NIFTY–National Stock Exchange’s Fifty

NATO–North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NASSCOM–National Association of Software and Service Companies

NGO–Non Governmental Organisation

NIIT–National Institute of Information Technology

NRI–NonResident Indian

MPEG–Moving Picture Experts Group

GIF–Graphic Interchange Format

JPEG–Joint Photographic Experts Group

RSS–Really Simple Syndication

WIFI–Wireless Fidelity

WWF–World Wildlife Fund

LLP–Limited Liability Partnership

LED–Light Emitting Diode

LCD–Liquid Crystal Display

CRT–Cathode Ray Tube

ITC–Imperial Tobacco Company

ESPN–Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

RTO–Regional Transport Office

TDS–Tax Deduction Source

TCP–Transmission Control Protocol

IP–Internet Protocol

GMAT–Graduate Management Admission Test

GATE–Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

GAIL–Gas Authority of India Limited

SATA–Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

PATA–Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment

CIDCO–City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd

BBC–British Broadcasting Channel

CNN–Cable News Network

CNBC–Consumer News and Business Channel

AJAX–Asynchronous JavaScript + XML

MIS–Management Information System

MICR–Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

IFSC–Indian Financial System Code

ISI–Indian Standards Institute

ISO–International Organization for Standardization

ISDN–Integrated Services Digital Network

ISKCON–International Society for Krishna Consciousness

R S V P–Répondez s’il vous plait

P S–Post script

A S A P–As soon as possible

E T A–Estimated time of arrival

B Y O B–Bring your own bottle

D I Y–Do it yourself

URL–Uniform Resource Locator

USB–Universal Serial Bus

IE–Id Est

CAPTCHA–Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

SCUBA–Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

IMAX–Image Maximum

ZIP Code–Zone Improvement Plan Code

OMG–Oh, My God

BYE–Be with you Everytime

Here are some of the full forms that I think everyone should know –

  1. AMUL – Anand Milk Union Limited
  2. ICICI – Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
  3. ESPN – Entertainment and Sport Programming Network
  4. KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken
  5. TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design
  6. BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation
  7. IMDb – The Internet Movie Database
  8. ISD – International Subscriber Dialing
  9. Adidas – Adolf ‘ Adi’ Dassler

( SOME PEOPLE ALSO CALL IT, All day I dream about Sports)

10. ATM – Automated Teller Machine

11. Yahoo – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

12. EMI – Equal Monthly Installment

13. ICSE (board)Indian Certificate for Secondary Education

14. IMO – In My Opinion

15. PhD – Doctor of Philosophy

16. UNICEF – United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

17. FIFA – Fédération Internationale de Football Association

18. JPEG – Joint Photographic Expert Group

19. WiFi – Wireless Fedility

20. HP – Hewlett-Packard

Pen: Power Enriched in Nib

Eat: Energy And Taste

Date: Day And Time Evolution

Smile: Sweet Memories In Lips Expression

Aim: Ambition In Mind

Bye: Be with You Everytime

Chess: Chariot,Horse,Elephant,SoldierS

Joke: Joy Of Kids Entertainment

Tea: Taste And Energy Admitted

Cold: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

CFL– Compact fluorescent lamp

DSLR– Digital single-lens reflex

DSP-Deputy Superintendent of Police

IPL-Indian Premier League

NCR-National Capital Region


PVC-Poly Vinyl Chloride

SDM-Sub Divisional Magistrate

SHO-Station House Officer

SIT-Special Investigation Team

SSB-Service Selection Board


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