CTET Exam Pattern

CTET Exam Pattern to Crack the Exam in one Attempt 2021!

CTET examination is conducted twice a year. It is an entrance test at the national level, organized by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). This CTET exam pattern is organized to enlist teachers in government schools who are eligible. Two papers (Paper I and II) are included in this exam. The time to complete the paper is 150 minutes. Both the paper consists five subjects. In this article, we mentioned each and everything one should consider before planning for the examination.

Syllabus of CTET Exam Pattern

CBSE prescribed the syllabus of the CTET exam for both papers. It includes the mentioned subjects in the exam – Mathematics, Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental Studies, Social Studies / Social Science, Language- I, Language- II, and Science. Candidates should follow the syllabus strictly while practising. One who follows the syllabus gets an overview of parts of the exam. According to the syllabus of the CTET exam, there are two papers. The first one is paper I, the primary stage and another is paper II the elementary stage. The details about the stages of paper and marking schemes are mentioned below.


Stages of Exam

As per CBSE, the exam pattern of paper-I, the primary stage of the CTET exam pattern, contains five pages; it has 30 questions on each page, worthing one mark per question. And paper II, the second stage of the CTET exam, the elementary stage, contains questions from five sections- Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Social Studies/Social Science, or Science and Mathematics.

  • Marking Scheme of Paper I

Paper-I of the ctet exam paper consists of 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and the time limit is two and half hours to attempt all the questions. The mode of exam is offline, the pen-paper-based exam. The questions are asked from five subjects- Language-I, Language-II, Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental studies, and Mathematics. There is no negative marking.

  • Marking Scheme of Paper-II

Paper-II of the CTET exam pattern consists of 150 objective-type questions, and one has to attend those questions within 150 minutes. The mode of exam is offline, the pen-paper-based examination. And the question paper includes five subjects- Science or Social studies, Mathematics, Language-I, Language-II, Child Development and Pedagogy. There is no negative marking.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate age must be 17 years old at least to fill the form. And for paper-I, the candidate must fulfil any one point from the points mentioned below.

  1. The marks of senior secondary must be at least 50%, and candidates have to pass the final year of the Diploma.
  2. Candidate must get at least 50% in senior secondary examination and must have passed 4-year (B.EI.Ed) Bachelor of Elementary Education.
  3. The candidate must fulfil any one point from the points mentioned below while applying for paper II.
  4. Candidates have to pass the Diploma’s final year and graduation.
  5. The 1st year of Bachelor in Education (BEd) must be completed by the candidate and get 50% at least in a bachelor’s degree.
  6. Candidate has to achieve at least 50% in senior secondary and pass B.A/B.Sc.Ed or B.A.Ed/B.Sc.Ed of 4 years.

Exam Pattern

Tips To Clear The Exam

  1. Time management is most essential.

 One can solve practice papers to increase their ability in solving the paper faster. Make the perfect timetable and follow it strictly. Candidates of CTET are suggested to carry a timer in the exam centre.

  1. Check Syllabus and Exam pattern sincerely 

One should check the exam pattern and syllabus completely before starting their preparation for the CTET examination. Don’t miss any part of the syllabus; one should read it deeply. After checking the exam pattern and syllabus, make a timetable and follow it till the day before the examination.

  1. Create the goal

 Candidates must be aware that they are going to compete with a vast amount of audience. In India, it is the most aggressive exam. One should prepare and set their minds at this level and give their 100% in the exam.

  1. Practice

 Practice is the most important thing to achieve any goal. To pass the CTET exam pattern, candidates should focus more when the examination day is very close. During preparation, practice enough samples and previous year question papers, allowing one to pass the examination.

Clear CTET Exam in the First Attempt

Understanding the question’s nature and standard

To understand the question paper’s nature and standard, one may practice the previous year or sample question papers. CBSE published the points on the nature and standard of the question paper. Those points will help one to solve the papers.

  1. An Effective study schedule’s preparation

One should prepare the schedule subject-wise as it provides a comprehensive study’s scope. Never forget to add the mock tests and revisions to the study schedule; it is essential.

Books Required

Here we mentioned some of the best books for CTET exam patterns.

  1. For Child Development and Pedagogy, one may purchase Child Development and Pedagogy book from publications Arihant, Disha, and Pearson.
  2. Hindi language paper, one may purchase the Hindi language from publication Arihant, and for English language paper, one may go for the English language from Pearson publication.
  3. For Environmental Studies, one may go for Teacher Eligibility Test Environmental Studies from Upkar Prakashan publication. There is the Environmental Studies book, NCERT Books for CTET from NCERT, and the Environmental Studies and Pedagogy from the publication Arihant from Wiley publication.

CTET Books

Last-Minute Tips To Clear CTET 

To pass the CTET examination, last-minute tips are also essential.

  1. Attend all the questions

The most significant positive points of the ctet exam paper is that there is no negative marking. So, attempt every question, don’t make the mistake of leaving any question. Fill the OMR sheet carefully and read the questions correctly.

  1. Check qualifying marks of the exam

 Qualify the ctet exam paper is common. Most people quality the CTET examination. One should focus on scoring good marks. It will help them a lot to get the job. But one should have proper knowledge of qualifying marks in advance.

  1. Be confident during the examination

Maintain confidence while attending the examination, do exercises and play games to keep the mind relaxed during practice. Just be confident, and one will succeed in the examination and will be able to achieve their goal.


From this article, one can conclude that the CTET exam pattern is one of the most competitive exams in India. One has to work hard and should believe in oneself. Therefore, these tips and information will help one a lot to get the success.

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