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Tips for the Perfect Essay Writing in English!

Essay writing in English appears a hard task among students because normally, people prefer talking rather than writing. During writing, one needs planning, reference, and many more important things, but those things are not necessary while talking.

But there are many steps that students can take to break the large project into a controllable task. Students always get themselves in trouble during essay writing for scholarships, competitions, and assignments. Some tips are mentioned below that will help to manage a long essay easily.

Perfect Essay Writing Tips

1. Selection of topic

Selection of correct topic is very important for essay writing in English; if one is assigned any topic, then he/she should think about a general overview or a specific analysis. But if someone is not assigned any topic, it allows them to research and work on a relatable topic.

If someone wants to write an educated topic that will provide knowledge to others, then he/she should choose the types of the topic in which they have enough knowledge. And if someone wants to convince others through the essay, then choose the topic they are interested in.

2. Outline preparation  

To make one’s essay successful, one should assemble their ideas to see the links and connections among the ideas. It will help enhance the ideas and bring more ideas about the current topics for essay writing.

Those ideas will also work as a foundation of the essay, which helps productively arrange the topics. One should list the related small ideas below the topics to find good connections among them.

3. Create a thesis statement

The thesis statement gives the readers the purpose of the essay. The thesis statement consists of two parts, the first part of the statement expresses the topic and the second part expresses the purpose of the essay. It informs readers what they should expect from the essay.

This statement also presents an argument at the very beginning, and that argument is being discussed in the whole essay. It also claims that everybody may not agree with the points mentioned in the essay.

Essay writing

4. Using right Vocabulary

During essay writing in English, one should always remember that they are trying to convince the readers that they are intelligent and can make bright arguments in an essay. Using words without knowing the exact meaning results in changing the writer’s thought in the essay completely.

Take care before using a word in the essay. Readers easily detect the writer’s overcompensating in their writing. Mentioning the right Vocabulary in the essay is one of the most important things to convince readers and express the exact thought behind the sentences.

5. Make the first draft perfect

Check the structure of the current topics for essay writing before considering it to be the final one and check whether the format is correct. Ensure that the main keyword should exist in the first, middle, and last paragraph of the essay.

Then manage other keywords and points in the body. Editing in the draft is not easy one should have enough knowledge in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, check the word count and, at last, make the final draft of the essay before the deadline.

6. Writing proper conclusion

One of the important parts of an essay is the conclusion. It concludes all the research and proves the thesis. The conclusion should not be the repetition of the introduction or thesis. To make a perfect conclusion, one should give an outlook of the research done in the middle part.

The conclusion should also have a direct link with the thesis adding an extra thought at the end. The conclusion is the main argument of the whole essay. One can keep the conclusion relatable to the readers, giving a sense of closure to the essay.

7. Planning

Planning is a little bit time-consuming, but good planning can save lots of time during essay writing in English. It will also help in finding new words for representing any sentence. One can always add sentences in the plan linking with the written ideas in the plan chart.

If one doesn’t have enough time for making a detailed plan, they can make a sketch that will be the outlook of the essay. Planning saves one from future panics and lets them write the essay smoothly.

8. Arguing from both sides

If one argues from both sides, it may help mention the current topics for essay writing in a better way. While writing, everyone focuses on the points that are in favour of their opinion. Still, if one creates a list using favourable and unfavourable points, it will help create a better thesis.

Additionally, arguing from both sides also highlights few points on which one needs to focus more on making the essay better. It will also help one in learning the topic more and also improve the vocabulary words also.

9. Separation of sentences

After completing the whole essay, one should check the essay and change the too-long sentences into shorter ones. Just separate that line into two or three lines. One can also combine two sentences that have similar thoughts.

Imperfect sentence distribution gives a bad impression on the readers even if the grammars and punctuations are correct. Poor sentence management will also let the readers losing their interest even if the information is great. Separating the sentences in a good manner allows one to spread their ideas easily.



The mentioned tips conclude that one should take care of every point, even very few mistakes, while writing an essay. The introduction part starts the journey of writing, and the conclusion ends it comfortably.

Now everyone knows how to write a perfect essay to feel confident during essay writing in English. A perfect essay will satisfy the readers with the best solutions and powerful awareness about the topic.

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