Worth Exam Preparation Tips for Class 11!

The examination is one such thing that runs a chill in the spine and can make anyone nervous. No matter how intelligent a student would be, it is important to be learn, especially when the exams are in class 11th. Indeed, exam preparation tips for class 11 are there to help the students in getting the nerve of every subject in their syllabus.

As the students come to class 11th, they are required to select from the different streams available like commerce, science, and arts. Out of these, commerce and science have variations such as commerce with or without maths, science with medical subjects, or non-medical. The tips will help the students to stay prepared for the exams and enable them to get excellent results as well.

Exam Preparation Tips for Class 11:

  1. Gathering Syllabus:

Knowing the requisite syllabus and related questions are extremely important. We always say that the students should gather the entire syllabus before preparing for the exam. If possible, buying sample questionnaires and related knowledge books can help as well. Of course, one should not focus only on what is coming in the syllabus; rather, gaining some extra knowledge of the subject matter from other books can help you get good grades for sure. This will help you solve any question that may come from a little out of the syllabus.

  1. Working on Weaker Areas:

It is rightly said that no one is perfect. Certainly, every student has some or other flaws. As a part of exam preparation tips for class 11, the students must work on their weaker areas or subjects. This is not a matter of getting depressed. You should work hard to strengthen your weaker subjects to get a good overall grade without a doubt. In this, you can take help from the subject experts in your school to understand complex terms.

  1. Making a Schedule:

When you are preparing for the exams of class 11th, making a schedule is highly important. The reason behind such a notion is that you will be able to devote proper time to every subject in the courseware. In this way, the students will know what they have to cover as per the syllabus. Moreover, making a proper schedule will enable you to get rest time as well between study hours.

  1. Segregating the Syllabus:

By segregating their syllabus, it becomes easier for the students to understand which chapters are tough and which ones fall in the category of easier options. In this way, you can cover tough chapters before as they take time to grasp and follow the easier ones later. You can also give a quick revision to the chapters in the order they have been learned before.

  1. Practicing Mock Tests:

To get the best knowledge of your subject matter, it is necessary to solve the previous year’s mock tests and sample papers. This will help you in preparing for the possible questions that may come in your present year exams. You can get the idea of the weightage to every kind of question related to the subject.


When it comes to the matter of preparing for the exams of class 11th, the students must stay alert about what is appearing in their syllabus. The exam preparation tips for class 11 also discuss that the students should gather some extra knowledge related to their subject to solve out-of-the-box questions that might come in the exams. Besides this, making a proper schedule for study is important as it allows you to devote considerable time to every subject in your syllabus.

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