5 brilliant Exam Preparation Tips for Class 12!

Well, you have reached class 12, and you have already attended board exams. So maybe you are familiar with the exam preparation tips. But if you are one of them who used to think that you have six enough months for exam preparation and you are not serious about exams. You have wasted a lot of time as now you have very little time. Let’s pledge, now you will make use of your pending leisure time to finish the revision and prepare for the upcoming board exam.

However, your 12th class results will be used as a reference for your college admission, career, and getting your desired job. You have reached in the right place, as here we are going to reveal the secrets of the toppers and expert’s exam preparation tips for class 12.

Exam Preparation Tips for Class 12:

  • Action Plan

Firstly, you have to create a chart of the action plan, which means what the essential activities you have to do for scoring above 90% in class 12 are. Maybe you are confused about these terms, have a look at the chart prepared by the experts.

  • Do hard research to find the repeatedly asked questions asked in the last five years’ board exams.
  • Make a chart of each topic of all the subjects according to their importance and prepare them accordingly.
  • Keep a target that you have to revise the whole syllabus twice before the exams.
  • Take Help From NCERT Books

Suppose you talk with the toppers of the last few years, how they have managed to score well. Then undoubtedly, they will tell you to take help from NCERT books. Make sure you have covered each topic and chapter given in the books. Keep practicing the numerical and formulas again and again. Furthermore, the biggest benefit of the NCERT books is that one does not have to load themselves with so many guide books, as one NCERT book for one subject is enough.

  • Group Study

A group of serious students can help each other to score well in the exams. In our opinion, group study is one of the excellent exam preparation tips for class 12. This method of study leads to new ideas and doubts clarifications with the group. Most importantly, whatever you have learned in group study is going to stay in your mind for longer.

  • Solve reference papers

It happens many times when a board asks similar or repeated questions. Therefore, it is one of the excellent ideas to solve the last few year’s board exams’ questions. However, solving modern test papers or guess papers is also a better idea to prepare well for upcoming exams. It will train you to face the critical questions of the bigger platform of your board exams. Moreover, you need to prepare a graph, starting from the first paper you have solved. It will help you to cross-check what you are doing and how much you have prepared. But if you really want to check yourself, then don’t cheat while solving reference papers.

  • Avoid Distraction

Distraction instruments are the biggest enemy of a student. Social media is one of them as now people, especially students, love to waste their time on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. It is strictly not to be used if your exams are on your head. These things will perform like a virus that will kill you without realizing it.

Finally D0 – Exam Preparation Tips for Class 12

However, handwriting also plays a key role when your examiner will go through your answer sheet. Therefore also add handwriting practices in your chart of best exam preparation tips for class 12. I wish you all very good luck with your upcoming board exams.

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