IAS Salary Per Month in Hand

Many people aspire to become an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) office and gain accolades throughout the family and friends. To become an IAS officer, you have to study hard, give the exam, and get a respectable salary. The IAS salary ranges from Rs. Fifty-six thousand to about 2.5 lakhs per month, according to the 7th pay commission. Most significantly, IAS officers enjoy an exceptional amount of government-related powers bestowed on them. Indeed, they can change the life of people for betterment. Along with this, they get a considerable amount of facilities that make their lives excellent compared to others.

Qualifications and Selection for IAS

When it comes to getting a good IAS salary, there is a need to have requisite qualifications to get into the high-end government services. At an initial level, the aspirant should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Followed by this, you should present the age proof that signifies your age limit to be between 21 and 32 years. Of course, the applicant should be an Indian resident with valid documents. On fulfilling these requirements, you are required to clear the UPSC Civil Service Exam. Indeed, the exam is in two sections – objective and written. After passing the exam, the selected candidates have to appear for a personal interview. Post the interview, and the final selection is carried out.

IAS Salary Package

The IAS salary depends on the post assigned to the selected candidate. At a junior level of IAS officer, the pay scale ranges from 50000 to 1.5 lakh, while the senior levels go above 1.5 lakh and reach about 2.5 lakh. Indeed, this salary package does not include special allowances received by the IAS officers. These are the essential pay scales, which increase with allowances like housing, TS, and TDA. Indeed, an IAS officer has an excellent reputation in the country and gets extraordinary powers for sure.

Facilities Given to IAS Officer

Besides getting a very handsome salary, the IAS office gets exclusive facilities that might not be available to ordinary people. First of all, they get huge houses on low rent or even no rent. Secondly, they are allotted vehicles with drivers to be used for official purposes. Thirdly, high-end security is provided to them because of the nature of their job. Fourthly, they get free electricity, water supply, and gas. Fifthly, they can stay in government-owned guest houses without having to pay. Sixthly, the IAS officers have excellent job security, which means that no one can quickly fire an IAS officer without detailed investigations. Lastly, they enjoy a lifetime pension from the government that cannot be ban in any case and retirement benefits.

Powers Assigned to IAS Officer

An IAS officer is the in-charge of the administration of the entire district to him or her. They have the power to influence policies related to education, social initiatives, economy, and health. They have to implement the establishment of government policies. Besides this, an IAS officer can to take an active part in the country’s progress. Also, they have to manage infrastructural development, government affairs, and even disasters. Of course, they make sure that there are no irregularities of funds in the district’s administration.


An IAS officer’s job is quite authoritative and enables the candidate to exercise government policies in the district given to him or her. Of course, the IAS salary catches the eye because their basic pay starts from 56000 and goes up to 2.5 lakhs. After including allowances and unique benefits, their salary goes up more than the necessary pay scale.

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