IFS Officer Salary Per Month in Hand

One of the high ranked posts of Indian government services is to conduct diplomacy and manage foreign relations. The candidates have to clear the civil services exams to get this respected post as they are selected through UPSC exams. The IFS officer salary depends on their post and on their skills. However, the salary of an IFS officer in India is different from other countries.

After the training of an IFS officer, they have to join foreign embassies where they get special foreign allowances which depend on the countries exchange rates. In this article, you will get the entire knowledge of the several posts and their pay grade or bonus income as well. 

What are Indian Foreign services?

There are lakhs of candidates who apply for the civil services exams to get IAS, IFS, IAS, or IRS government posts. But only the eligible ones will grab the opportunity. However, the IAS and IPS services are related to security task forces, and the IRS refers to the revenue system. An IFS officer has to deal with their country’s external affairs, which includes diplomacy, trade, and foreign cultural relations. The highly secured government post allows the candidate to stay and study abroad. The IFS officer salary per month in hand varies according to their post and ranks. Let’s have a detailed look at the pay scale and benefits of each IFS post. 

1. Junior Time Scale

The post is also known as the undersecretary of the senior officers. If you have joined the junior time scale, you will get 8000 to 14000 per month as a salary and 5400/- as grade pay. 

2. Senior Time Scale

The senior time scale post is also related to undersecretary services, and for this post, the Indian government offers 10650/- to 16000/- salary and 6600/- grade pay per month. 

3. Junior Administrative

The junior administrative IFS officer salary ranges from 12750/- to 17000/- per month. According to this post, the candidate has to work as a deputy secretary. The grade pay of junior administration is 7600/-. 

4. Selection Grade

The next post is known as selection grade, where a candidate has to perform as a counselor director. The Indian government offers 15100/- to 18500/- per month and 8700/- as grade pay for this job. 

5. Senior Administrative

The well-known name of the post is joint secretary. It is one of the highest-ranked posts of the Indian government for which the candidates receive 18400/- to 22500/- as per month salary and 12000/- grade pay extra. 

6. Ambassador IFS officer Salary

It is the highest rank of an IFS officer, and they are also known as foreign secretaries. There is no specific pay grade for the high commissioner or ambassador. 

Other allowances FOR IFS officer Salary

If we gathered the overall benefit of an IFS officer, it will be around 60000/- per month. Only as the special foreign allowance do they get 2.40 lakhs minimum per annum. There are lots of more benefits, as discussed below.

  • Accommodation

Indian government allows 2 or 3 bhk as an accommodation to their high ranked IFS officers. They do not have to pay for their residence. 

  • Transportation

The IFS officer gets a government vehicle to go to offices and for office work. A driver is also included in the transportation allowance. 

  • A security guard and helpers

The government used to take care of their high ranked officers by allowing them, security guards and household helpers. 

  • Medical Expenses

All the government officers get media claims from their government. 

  • Electricity, Phone and Water BIll

The government also pays not only the residence but also the bills of electricity, phone, and water. 

  • Pension or retirement allowance

However, all the government servants get a pension for the rest of their life after retirement. Apart from a pension, they also get retirement funds just after finishing their service period. 

Final thoughts

Here is the full detail of the IFS officer Salary per month in hand. If you still have any doubt, then feel free to post your comment; we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. 

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