Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude Disha Free PDF Download

Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude Disha Free PDF Download

Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude Disha PDF: Hi dear Students, in this article we will examine the most looked for the book of shortcuts in quantitative aptitude Disha book by Disha publication, best book for quantitative aptitude, a quantitative aptitude with tricks.


This book is one of the top-rated books in quantitative aptitude which covers the quantum Section with shortcuts methods to cover different problems, which are highly significant from an exam point of view.

Shortcuts in quantitative aptitude Disha pdf

In competitive exams time or speed assume a significant part and to accomplish speed with accuracy, it is essential to rehearse the inquiries with alternate ways strategies to settle it as fast as conceivable to beat the competition.

Competitors who are getting ready for the SSC/Banking/Railway/Defense/MBA/Insurance/UPSC/GATE and different other competitive examinations can allude to this quantitative aptitude book to cover this part.

The book provides adequate practice questions with previous year questions to quantify the performance and accuracy level for next level preparations. The book comprises 26 parts and 300+ shortcuts to solve various problems.

In this post we will attempt to give you the free pdf of shortcuts in quantitative aptitude by Disha if conceivable, it is recommended to the students to refer to a printed copy of this book for the preparation, it very well may be purchased from an on the online or offline marketplace.

Key Feature of shortcuts in quantitative aptitude Disha

  • Solved examples
  • Practice exercises with hints and solutions
  • Chapter Wise test
  • Past solved papers
  • Tricks and shortcuts

About shortcuts in quantitative aptitude Disha

  • Book Name –shortcuts in quantitative aptitude for competitive exams pdf
  • Author Name- Disha publication
  • Format- PDF
  • Size- MB
  • Pages- 251
  • Language- English
  • Publication- Disha publication

About Disha publication books pdf

  • Number System & Simplification
  • HCF & LCM
  • Fraction and Decimals
  • Square and square roots, cube and cube roots, Indices and surds
  • Fundamentals operations, Vbodmas rule, Algebraic Identities, Approximation and simplification (Including basic calculations)
  • Polynomials and Rational expressions (including factorization of polynomials, factor theorem & remainder theorem)
  • Linear equations, Quadratic equations & Inequalities (including simultaneous linear equations)
  • Ratio, Proportions, Variations, and Partnerships
  • Average
  • Percentage
  • Profit, Loss, and discount
  • Simple Interest, Compound Interest, and Installments
  • Sequence and series
  • Allegation and mixture
  • Time, work, and wages
  • Time, speed, and distances
  • Clock and calendar
  • Permutation and combinations & Probability
  • Geometry-I
  • Geometry-II
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Mensurations plane figures
  • Mensurations- Solid figures
  • Set theory
  • Trigonometry
  • Logarithm
  • shortcuts in quantitative aptitude Disha book

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