Today Current Affair 22th April

Today Current Affair 22th April

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1. Which European country is to launch New Digital Currency “Britcoin”?
a) Britain
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) Finland

2. Recently, Scientists have grown the first-time human cells in embryo of which animal?
a) Zebra
b) Monkey
c) Tiger
d) Kamlin

3. Which of the following’s statements related to current events are correct?

A. ICMR has announced that COVAXIN neutralizes the Double Mutant Strain of COVID-19.
B. it was claimed that a Aayudh Advance drug was effective against COVID-19, but government has denied authenticity.
C. Serum Institute has revised price of its corona vaccine. And private hospitals to be charged Rs 600 per dose of vaccine.
a) A and B
b) A and C
c) Only A
d) All are correct

4. Recently, The National Civil Services Day was observed on which date?

a) 20th April
b) 19th April
c) 18th April
d) 21st April

5. Russia has announced to launch which moon mission after the period of 45 years?

b) LUNA 24
c) LUNA 25

6. Who has released the “State of the Global Climate 2020” report, which was recently in news?

a) The World Bank
b) The United Nations
c) The European Union
d) The World Meteorological Organization

7. Recently, India has held a joint military exercise “Khanjar” with  which country?

a) Kyrgyzstan
b) Tajikistan
c) Malaysia
d) Myanmar

8. Which state has announced to provide free corona vaccine above 18 years?

a) Rajasthan
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Manipur
d) Bihar

9. The Reserve Bank of India has set up a committee under whom to study about the Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARC) in the country?

a) Sudarshan Sen
b) Shaktikant Das
c) Ashok Lavasa
d) J B Acharya

10. Who has won Bronze medal in the Asian Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent (Female Category)?

a) Kavita Kaushik
b) Mira bai Chanu
c) M C Marry Kom
d) Vinesh Phogat

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