Today Current Affair 23th April

Today Current Affair 23th April

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Q  Recently, Derek Chauvin was in news. He is associated with which black racism case?
a. George Floyd
b. Daniel Pantaleo
c. David Garner
d. Micheal Brown

Q Which country is to launch its own space station after pulling out from International Space Station in 2025?
a. China
b. India
c. Russia
d. Canada

Q  Which of the following statements are related to current event are correct?
1. The Amnesty International recently released the global Review of  Death Penalty
2. The Department of Science and Technology has released “National Climate Vulnerability Assessment Report”.
3. The UNICEF has released “Gender Bias and Inclusion in Advertising in India Report”.
a. 1,2,& 3
b. 1 & 2
c. Only 1
d. Only 2 & 3

Q The Government of India has announced subsidy Policy for Urea Produced from which of the followings?
a. Coal Gasification
b. Nitrogen
c. Ammonia
d. Sulphur

Q Who has released recently “The International Religious Freedom Report 2021”?
a. China
b. USA
c. Russia
d. India

Q The World Earth Day is observed every year on which date?
a. April 22
b. April 21
c. April 23
d. April 24

Q India’s first ‘Oxygen Express Train’ was operated between which two cities?
a. Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam
b. Jodhpur and Mumbai
c. Jamshedpur and Mumbai
d. Chennai and Pune

Q Who is Appointed as the external auditor of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)?
a. Girish Murmu
b. Danish Mehmud
c. Andrew Laira
d. Ashok Lavasha

Q Who has become the first Indian women to scale mount Annapurna?
a. Anushka Mishra
b. Priyanka Mohite
c. Manisha Lamba
d. Kavita Jaiswal

Q Recently, Ahmed Hussain Lala Died. He was associated with which sports?
a. Cricket
b. Badminton
c. Tennis
d. Football

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