What is the full form of “OK”?

What is the full form of “OK”?


OK is a colloquial English Word denoting approval , acceptance .Ok is most likely short for “ Oll Korrect” a jokey misspelling of “All Correct “ that needs a little historical context to make sense.

Bye stands for Between with your eyes logically you can understand .

“ALL CORRECT” is the full form of OK.

Actually, It is OLL KORRECT. But, it was accepted as ALL CORRECT because of it’s pronunciation best match is ALL Correct. That’s the reason, the full form of the OK is – OLL KORRECT.

Talking about the “OK” – OK is the 2nd shortest English word and sentence. OK means: Alright, Proceeding, Normally and many other meanings are there of word of OK.

OK can be used as Adjective, Adverb, Interjection:


OK – Oll Korrect or Olla Kalla in Greek (means All Correct)

OK means agreed, understood if someone is telling you something and you acknowledgment them.

Example :
Person 1 : I am going to school
Person 2 : OK

Or, in a situation – Suppose you met with an accident last week and some one asks “How are you” and you answer them.

Like in a Conversation

Person 1 : How are you now?
Person 2 : I am O.K.

We use it in many situation in our daily life, without even thinking that its Full Form may also exist.


The word OK is an abbreviation of ‘orl korrect’. It was coined in the USA and means ‘all correct’. The word was first used as a slogan during the presidential re-election campaign of Martin Van Buren (1782–1862) in 1840. Van Buren’s nickname was “Old Kinderhook”. Back then, in Boston and New York abbreviations were the rage and words were misspelled deliberately. So a group of his followers called themselves the “O.K. Club”; this later went on to mean “oll korrect” and “Old Kinderhook”.


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